Check the wallpaper

So your surface is ready and your wallpaper has arrived.  Before you let your excitement take over (who could blame you), it’s important to check the following things:
  • Correct number of rolls
  • Correct style
  • Wallpaper is undamaged
  • Colour is consistent across all of the rolls
  • Dye lot - indicated as a number marked at the very beginning of the roll. It’s important to note this in case you need to order more. Paper can absorb ink differently across dye lots, so it may appear visibly different even though the style and manufacturer is the same.
  • Match points are the same, on the label included with your rolls
    • Straight match: The wallpaper matches edge to edge with the next drop to form the pattern repeat.
    • Random match: The wallpaper can be matched edge to edge at any point.
    • Half Drop: The wallpaper is lowered on the second drop to create a diagonal effect pattern repeat.

Really really really Important Information!
Checking the wallpaper before hanging the your, the buyer’s, responsibility.  
Please carefully read our Terms & Conditions of Sale and Returns and Exchange Policy, as we assume no liability, will not accept any returns or refunds, once you’ve cut or pasted the wallpaper.