Tigron & Floyd designs and sells wallpapers. Our background is in photography and by digital craft we create visually exciting design inspired by classic pattern design. Our approach sets us apart from other wallpaper companies and enables us to explore what a wallpaper pattern can consist of. Tigron & Floyd’s wallpapers are produced in Sweden. We believe that whoever buys one of our wallpapers wants to put something expressive on their wall. A wallpaper that stands out.


Our creative process always begins in gathering and photographing inspiring objects, after which the actual pattern starts to take shape. This allows us to explore what a wallpaper pattern can consist of. For example, by this time we know that Swedish meatballs and gravy is very difficult to portray! The combination of photography and designs make our wallpapers unique.


Sustainability and the environment are important to us at Tigron & Floyd. Therefore we print our wallpapers in Sweden on environmentally certified non-woven materials with colors that are water-based and completely free from solvents and PVC. The printer and colors used in our production are labeled with Svanen and the Greenguard Certification. Excess dye are disposed of in an environmental sound manner. Our supplier has won several awards for its environmental work.