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Magnolia - Pink & Grey

Magnolia - Pink & Grey

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In ancient China, the majestic magnolia flowers were symbolic of dignity and nobility, the perfect symbol of feminine beauty and gentleness.

The magnolia tree is one of the most ancient flowering trees known to mankind, found in Central America, North America and West Indies. And in fact, the magnolia is the official state flower of both Mississippi and Louisiana. Mississippi's nickname is the "Magnolia State." Houston is often called "The Magnolia City" due to the numerous magnolias that grow along Buffalo Bayou.

This beautiful tree is not just beautiful but also useful, the bark, and flower buds, of magnolia from Magnolia officinalis has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and in parts of Japan, the leaves of magnolia obovata are used for wrapping food and as cooking dishes.

This wallpaper depicts to beautiful reaching arms of the magnolia tree with the classic pink blooms.  This is an unashamedly feminine and classic wallpaper, ready to update your room into a sophisticated soft space.  This wallpaper comes in four great shades to match many room interiors.

Product Code: 72/3010 

Vertical Repeat: 0.76m

Width: 0.53m x Length: 10.05m

Match Point: Half drop 


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