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CW Stockwell

Martinique Banana Leaf

Martinique Banana Leaf

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THE ORIGINAL BANANA LEAF PRINT. Upon returning from vacation in the South Seas, Remy & Lucile Chatain sought to recreate not just the sights they had witnessed in the tropics, but the sense of lushness and exuberance those sights had filled them with, too.

Together with their friend, the illustrator and textile designer Albert Stockdale, they designed a large-scale botanical pattern to recapture and evoke those feelings, and mounted it in their showroom.

When Don Loper, the well-known apparel and interior designer tasked with the Beverly Hills Hotel design came into their showroom, he knew he’d found the look he wanted. He re-created the Chatains’ mural-style installation he’d seen at the showroom, and expanded it to fit the corridors of the hotel. The result? An ageless icon.

Vertical Repeat: 1.07m

Width: 1.37m

Length: 4.5m 

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